Bathroom Remodel

Integrity Home Pro Bathroom Makeover

Perhaps you have dreaded the much needed bathroom makeover due to the inconvenience or high cost.  A bathroom remodel can be a long and tedious project that leaves the bathroom totally unusable for weeks.

Integrity Home Pro bathroom remodel contractors have the perfect solution to this dilemma!  Our most popular option is our Acrylic Bath Systems which are essentially a brand new tub and shower, installed in just one day! 

  • Quick and Affordable – No need to be without a functioning bathroom while it is torn up and under construction for days or weeks
  • Available in a variety of colors to match your existing bathroom decor
  • Lifetime Warranty – More durable than other acrylic bath systems

IntegrityHome Pro is a full-service home remodeling contractor with interior design specialists available to assist with any bathroom remodel project.  Contact us at 410-983-3270 for an in-home assessment and quote today!

Let our Bathroom Remodel professionals help you design the perfect bathroom for your family....

Download our remodeling design portfolio for some great tips and ideas.

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